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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Being in the business and meeting with so many engaged couples, we often get the question, "What was your wedding like?" So, on the eve of our first anniversary Dave and I thought we would share our wedding. Looking back on these pictures is extra special for us because so much was going on in our lives at that very moment...we had purchased a home and moved just days before and as you can so obviously see, I was expecting our son who would be born less than six weeks later. Our wedding date was decided upon just a couple of weeks beforehand. We love that we have pictures that captured one of the most wonderfully crazy and joyous times of our lives.

Just because we were living out of boxes and I had limited mobility did not mean that we were going to be stopped from DIY-ing our own wedding. While we wanted to incorporate holiday decor, we weren't looking for traditional green and red and we did want to incorporate the vintage feel of the inn where we held the reception. (FYI- If you are in the NJ area, check out the Harvest Moon Inn in Ringoes. The food and vibe are amazing). I was able to get my hands on beautiful cream roses from South America and we constructed this unique take on a Christmas tree. You have seen them here before!

The rose trees were placed on chargers made from tree stumps. And they were accompanied by glass  ornaments we filled with white glitter and white feathers. We added some bling with the silver birds.

White poinsettias were an easy, festive choice and we also added tall luminaries that we made with durable paper and votive candles.

Each guest received the signature Karma Flowers holiday ornament in a raffia envelope. 

One of our favorite touches were the wood napkin rings that we hand-stamped with our monogram the night before! We collected them afterward and use them when we have guests at our home for special occasions. They are a sweet reminder of wedding day.

Rather than have a traditional guestbook (since there was nothing traditional about the wedding), we opted for a puzzle in the shape of a tree. Each guest signed a piece and we have it hanging in our home. Notice the D+P carved out in the tree trunk- so perfect!

During the ceremony, our little boy decided he was going to begin kicking and the photographer was able to capture what would be our favorite image from that day...

Rev. Richard Cash was our officiant.

And some of our other favs...

It was apple cider! I promise! But another quirky thing we did was instead of having a signature drink, we rimmed the champagne glasses with green sugar and placed pomegranates in the glass for more of a holiday feel. 

All in all it was the perfect day. And subsequently, the perfect year. 

Thank you for allowing us to share...

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