Juggling Polar Bears or Wedding Flowers? Making the Most of your Wedding Floral and Event Decor Budget... By Karma Flowers

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

When we started Karma Flowers, we had an idea. We would provide a service and grow a company, and we would do it our way. At the most basic level, our humble company wishes to bring you flowers. We wanted to bring something beautiful into your life, small touches during your most coveted moments that will enhance your celebration. Something that highlights your style and your ideas. Something that makes you, your guests, or whomever you gift your flowers to, feel good about themselves. 

At the core of our business model, we have principals that we have vowed to adhere to. We believe in living live vibrantly, beautifully, but also with purpose, reason and meaning. We reject wastefulness. We appreciate frugality when done tastefully, and understand indulgence when done with good intention. We identify best with couples or organizations who share this philosophy.

With that said, brace yourself, because this is going to sound counter-intuitive, but it drives us bananas (bananas!) to hear brides say that flowers are unnecessary at a wedding. The dreaded three W’s in our business are wilted, withered and waste of money. I say, hey, if flowers aren’t your thing, that’s okay. You say you want to entertain your guests with a juggling polar bear instead? Cool. Do what makes you happy!

Believe us, we get it. Flowers die. And it’s hard in these times to justify spending money on something that you know has an expiration date, be it the food that isn’t eaten, the band you can’t take home at the end of the night, or the dress you only wear for one day.  We understand how hard it is to know that that money is going towards just one day. We know that every decision is a trade off and sacrifice of something else. 

But if you, like us, are one of those people who appreciate the texture, the nostalgia, and the story a flower tells (and therefore you know they will be a part of your day) then make sure your expense is worth it. Those flowers should capture the essence of who you are, project your distinctive personality and sense of style. 

So how do we make sure that this expense counts and is worth it? Keep these tips in mind: 

1. Ambiance, Ambiance, Ambiance
Ambiance is the special atmosphere or mood created by a particular environment. When people look back at your event, they will remember the mood or the feel of the whole day. If you did it right, they’ll remember beauty, and smiles, fun, and emotion. If the event had no soul, they’ll only remember the coconut shrimp.   

2. Floral and event decor may cost less than upgrading to a more expensive venue.
All couples would love to book their dream venue, but per-head prices and budgets do not always match. That’s why a more money-conscious alternative to dishing out the dinero for the pricey venue is to add ambiance with flowers and warm, personal decorative touches to the more affordable space. It’s the collective of things that create ambiance. Think about it, the popular bridal blogs and websites are full of stylized pictures of couples getting married in fields. Fields are free. Fields do not have oversized chandeliers or skyline views. It's the vintage couches, garden-picked flowers, and creative bunting in those fields that has every bride swooning. It’s the feeling that those places invoke.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the money for the stone castles or access to the English lavender fields. So a style secret: Decorations create ambiance. The ambiance is an extension of your taste and style. It’s your opportunity to teach your guests something about you and your relationship. Whether its your creative floral display in the center of the table, the delicious cheesecake in a jar we tirelessly assembled with your escort cards, or the favor of your donation to a local charity…it all matters. All of these small details put together create your ambiance.

3. Flowers and decor elements will live forever in your pictures. Yay. 
Remember, your bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and ceremony flowers will be photographed throughout the duration of the day.  And it's important to look back on those memories and know that your choices were complementary to the beauty of the dress, bridal party and venue. You can also preserve the event decor as well. If you read my blog post about my own wedding you already know that I hand-stamped wooden napkin rings with our monogram on them, and I still use them to set our table when we entertain.  The possibilities are endless as to what decorative elements you include in your wedding design that will translate nicely into home decor afterward. Heck, the very containers you use to display the flowers are the simplest way of reusing wedding elements without being too literal.

Whether you need help in creating a mood, a certain ambiance with flowers, or a statement with fresh decor elements, our personal service can help you. You want to make sure that your expense is worth it, because we believe that things should be meaningful, and purposeful, and convey a sense of beauty and intention. At the end of the day, we want to help you add that little bit of extra to your special event. 

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