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Monday, June 25, 2012

After a conversation yesterday with a colleague, I was reminded about how important it is for people to connect to us the owners of Karma Flowers and Trunk, not just our company or our brand. I thought I would use the next couple blog posts to not only talk about us as peeps but also about what makes us tick {or Pin}, what gets our juices flowing/inspires us, and what our own home looks like because everyone secretly wants to know what other people's homes look like. No? Is that just me?

 I am thinking about sharing some inspiration boards, some gift guides and just some way cool ideas I have for entertaining that I might not otherwise have the opportunity to share. I invite you into our world for a wee bit. Perhaps it will help you understand our aesthetic, that our passions and inspirations really do come from and go far beyond flowers, and how we can lend our creative services to you, your event, or your digs. . .

We {and the we is Dave, my husband, and myself} are two people that were probably defined by our government jobs until we 1). had our son and 2). found the courage to start these two companies. Now we identify as designers, artists, creators more than we ever have before {and not just of things but of the life of our little one as well}. We grew the companies to be able to flex our design muscles and give back to some great charities. But, you already know all that.

We are old people trapped in young people bodies. We adore anything well, old. Call it vintage or antique, but let's face it, it's all old. If we could spend every day at a flea market or rummaging through an old barn looking for cool stuff to reuse, we would... preferably traveling around in a old pick-up truck or vintage Air-stream . . .hey a girl can dream. 

Every ounce of our home is meticulously designed and although we will never have enough dough to do everything we would like, it is coming along just as we planned. We pour our souls into our abode and into our family and so a quiet night on the couch watching a movie together is fine by us.

We believe that personal and home design and event design can go hand-in-hand and that your overall style should be reflected throughout your whole life. Because we design weddings and parties, we like to marry the two, more often than most. Let us show you how. . .

 One trend that we are seeing span across the markets has reached down and wholly taken my design heart in its hands, is what I call - Navajo Chic {and that is an ode to the "Sh*t Brides Say" video where they reference throwing around words like chic to make anything into a style.} This Native American persona may have been lingering inside me for a while but two things have certainly brought it to the surface.
"Tent" from Restoration Hardware
OK so it's a little more military then American Indian, but it's a tepee {I don't care what Restoration Hardware calls it} and it's in my home. in the family room. for my son obviously. and I am not going to lie, I kind of like it.

Inspired by this
which can be found here.

Secondly, a friend approached me and asked for some help with a entryway make-over. I won't share the before picture so she can remain anonymous, but this is what I put together to get her butt moving on it.
by Trunk Vintage Rentals

Which led to a slight obsession with the tribal style walls in the picture in the bottom left corner {which I am convinced are covered in fabric}. BUT I did find this...

Wallpaper from Cavern 

Yes that's wallpaper. And yes it's going in my home. 

Let me share a couple more things I would add to the house if it weren't for my husband reminding me that sometimes less is more. 

Bedding from Anthropologie
dream catcher here
Ok so the truth is, I am currently bidding on something very similar to that weird furry thing on ebay. Shhh! don't tell Dave. I just adore unexpected textiles.

How does this translate to personal style?
tote from Anthropologie
So in my world, at the moment, if I were throwing a personal party I would totally incorporate SOME  elements of this style into the decor, the flowers, the food. {not all, you know how I feel about literal themes in party planning}

Arrow print : Sugar Paper {this is a print but can totally be done in some form as an invitation or party stationary}
Printed arrows: Brittany Brass on Etsy.  {I ordered these from her and they are as cool as they look. Great for decor or even bouts}.
Neon diamond decoration:  100 Layer Cake
Flowers on table and photo booth: Green Wedding Shoes
Pottery: Rinnavato Vintage on Etsy
Bracelet: River Island
Tepee Venue: Corrabella

Share some of your style inspirations at the moment. . . 

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