Cleaner, Greener and Local: How to Keep Your Wedding Day Flowers Respectful of Mother Earth. by Karma Flowers

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Earlier in the year we featured a guest blog post on how to make your wedding day a little more {or in some cases, a lot more} GREEN. From the venue, to the food, to the favors, Nicole included some very clever ways of incorporating nature-respecting aspects to your event. We wanted to provide a little more insight on how to keep your floral touches clean, green and local!

We can appreciate that there is a hardly a such thing anymore as a flower being in season. Flowers are grown in controlled environments all over the world, all year long. Need a peony in January? Sure, we can get you one. However, when you use flowers that are out of season for your climate and time of year, they are often shipped from Europe and Central and South America {and then often to another part of the US before they make it to their final destination}. That's a lot of air time for those little stems and it is creating a heck of a carbon footprint.

Instead, opt to learn about what is locally grown in your area at the time of year you choose to celebrate. Karma Flowers loves to offer our clients locally-grown flower options and we work with a bunch of growers native to our area that continually produce quality product. It also makes for more interesting flower choices different from the roses, peonies, and orchids typically seen.
Dahlias, Fever-few and  Ageratum grown in NJ!!!

The containers are the second most important part of your floral decor, and it happens to be one area  where it is pretty easy to remain environmentally conscious. When it comes to your vases and vessels either grab some vintage bottles, jars, and jugs or re-purpose items to hold flowers.

Hindsvik Etsy shop

These old bottles that you have seen in our designs time and time again are a perfect solution, as are the wooden boxes above, that we made from reclaimed barn wood from a farm in Wyoming.
Lastly. . .After the cake is eaten and the last danced has been danced, give your flowers yet another chance to brighten a day. If you are going on your honeymoon or do not have the means to care for your flowers after your wedding day, think about donating them to a local hospital or nursing home. It doesn't have to be every centerpiece. . .Grandma and Aunt Mildred can still take one if they would like. {Think of the smiling faces on the receiving end!}

Karma Flowers would love the opportunity to help our clients arrange for the flowers to be donated at the end of their event. Email us if interested.

Keeping life and events, as green as possible is something Karma Flowers feels very strongly about and we want to get the word out about how easy it can be to make smarter, cleaner choices. 

Are you a September 2012 bride? Know someone who is? Check back tomorrow for a GREEN offer you may not be able to reuse refuse!

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