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Thursday, August 2, 2012

 We all have sad days. It couldn't be more true for me this week. I try to ride the wave though, live in the moment, learn the lesson {there is always a lesson}, and draw inspiration from it. 

So as I thought about writing this blog post about how I was truly, temporarily feeling, it became an exercise of expression. It was healthy and distracted me, for a bit at least, at what was making me so sad. How would my sadness look? How would it tactically feel? or move? or smell? What flashed in my thoughts over and over again was the color gray. So I went with it. And I discovered something I think I already knew, the color gray is beautiful and calming and serene. Clean and sophisticated and dependable. And it moves me. . .

I don't recommend designing much of anything permanent around a color that represents your sullen emotions, but you should surely dig a little deeper than your favorite Pinterest board to find out what colors evoke feeling in your world. Whether it's a dress for a celebration {especially one you will be photographed in}, a flower in your wedding bouquet or a chair in your favorite room. . .make sure it says something about you  to you.

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