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Monday, September 17, 2012

Everyone is talking about fall in terms of design and I am not ready to yet. Maybe it is because we have a bunch of non-fall themed events coming up in the next couple of weeks. I know for sure I will be ready by the time the white pumpkin wedding I designed arrives in October. . .can't wait for that one!

In any case I have been having this calling to have these fun little handmade mini-parties for my son. Really to celebrate nothing expect that we have a very blessed life that should be celebrated. I mean you don't need to always have an official reason to have a party right?

A couple fun DIY kids mini-party ideas I love and thought I would share. . .

Hank and Hunt

You can find this DIY mini party tent over on Hank and Hunt. It's simple and fun and would be adored by kids all ages.

I think people tend to think of wall decals of being a permanent design choice, but plenty of companies are making removeable wall decals these days. They are perfect for a backdrop to a fantastic fete and once the parties are over, they can be removed.


Kids have a ton of old toys laying around the house? How about freshening them up a bit to add a bit a cheer to an ordinary day? I adore these gift boxes made from plastic toys. 

and lastly. . .


Glitter macaroni garland!!!! Need I say more?

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