Incorporating the Color Blue into your Fall Decor. by Karma Flowers.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Martha Stewart

I was recently in the company of the shop owner of Twine, a fabulously curated and crafted home, holiday and lifestyle shop in Hopewell, NJ {my new most favorite town}. We happened to be talking about the holidays and she declared, 
"Since when is purple a Halloween color? Someone just decided it was and so it is."

And it got be thinking. Being a lover of interior and event design, I take my holiday decorating very seriously. Part of my mission is to always step outside the realm of tradition when it comes to decorating for Halloween and Christmas...why not introduce new colors to the season? Dave and I joked as we picked pumpkins with our young son last weekend {as we tried to find a pumpkin in the perfect shade of peach} that Charlie will moan when he is older that we never had a traditional orange pumpkin growing up because it doesn't match the decor of the living room. In any case, I did a little research and discovered I am not the only one thinking this way.

One of the most satisfying departures from the ordinary I saw for the fall decor palette was the introduction  
of the color blue. For some reason, I am totally smitten with the idea of a blue pumpkin.
It turns out there really are blue pumpkins, most often called Australian Blue Pumpkins and they are fairly easy to find on farms in New Jersey. Who would have thought? I adore the idea of bringing the color blue into this season's decor whether it be in the pumpkins themselves, your linens, or ribbons. Try it. You may love it as much as I do.
In fact, you can even incorporate into your meal plans! I thought I would include a recipe for some Blue Pumpkin Soup...perfect for these crisp fall days.


blue pumpkin soup

Grab these:
I brown onion, chopped finely
2 cloves garlic, crushed
Half a medium Queensland Blue pumpkin, or a whole butternut pumpkin, skin removed, cut in chunks
1 large potato, peeled, cut in chunks
1 orange sweet potato, peeled, cut in chunks
1 cup chicken or veggie stock

Do this:
1. In a soup pot, gently fry the onion and garlic in some olive oil until soft. If you are adding any spices, throw them in at this point to release the flavour.
2. Throw in the veggies and swish in a fancy way with a spoon. Add the stock and cover the lot with water. Bring to to boil, then pop the lid on and reduce to simmer.
3. Grab a glass of wine and let that baby simmer until the pumpkin and its mates are nice and soft. Each time you refill your glass, check to see if the water needs topping up, too.
4. Whizz with a stick blender. Serve with a dollop of sour cream and lashings of black pepper. And crusty bread. Oh, and wine, if there is any left.

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