It's Not Too Late! Last Minute DIY Valentine Ideas & Our Favorite Printable Template

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Karma Flowers paired up with Kanibal Home this year for a Valentine's Day Pop-Up Shop and I make no promises but if you head over there early enough today you may still be able to purchase one of our two original arrangements.

But if getting your hands on a Karma Flowers bouquet isn't in the cards today and you are sitting at work thinking crap! Why do I always wait to until the last minute for these things? Don't worry, there still is hope for you. Run to your nearest grocery store or bodega and "borrow" some supplies from your work supply closet and you are all set. How easy is this little gem to pull off...

And it doesn't have to be for kids. Grab some simple brown paper bags and some markers and go to town. You can fill them with candy or love notes...the possibilities are endless.
From Grey Likes 

You are welcome. Oh and more thing fellas. If you failed on all accounts this year and HAVE to buy grocery store flowers, take them out of the plastic wrapper, purchase fun wrapping paper and re-wrap them. Trust me. Presentation is everything! 

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