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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sorry about the lag in the Doing it Differently 2013 blog series but we have had to back-to-back weddings, a speaking engagement in Boston and a holiday. We fall behind. It happens.

In any case, we wanted to share some of our favorite photographers with you to continue the series. How are photographers different? Well, some have this amazing ability to capture a moment so few would even consider be worthy of a picture. They have a knack of making you feel like you are somehow invading someone's most intimate, sacred moments - but in such a good way. The wedding portfolio on our website mentions each photographer's name on the opening banner of the couple's pictures and many brides-to-be have told us that they have chosen their photographers based off of this. So, we know you are listening {or reading} when it comes to sharing our colleagues' work. We have had the pleasure of working with some new photographers over the last year {some that have not made our portfolio just yet} and we wanted to share them with you. 

We had the pleasure of working with Claire last July at a wedding at the Brooklyn Winery. Her work takes my breath away. Literally.

Tin Sparrow Studios shot a wedding that we provided a rental table and decor items for last summer and we instantly fell in love. Like major love. So much so that we asked them to shoot our son's 2nd birthday party this winter and the pictures make my heart melt {more of those in a different post soon.}

{that's us and Charlie}

When Jennifer of Cyrience Photography asked us to be a part of an early spring {OK it snowed so it did not feel like spring} photo-shoot we were beyond thrilled. That shoot will be published on a blog in a few weeks so there will be no sharing of those pictures at the moment but we adore her work and can't to continue to work with her.

Sara captured one of most favorite weddings of all time {they are all our favorite but this one was a labor of love} and then we asked her to be a part of a very special photo-shoot of ours. We heart her and her work. 

And then of course we will always remind you of the brilliant work of ...

These talented photographers shoot so much more than weddings so if you have any event that you need captured in the most spectacular way, reach out to them. Their photographs will be the memories your children and grandchildren will have of your wedding day. Choose to have a kick-ass legacy.

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