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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Looking to add the coolest textile to your digs? Look no further. Lesley from Bespoke Glass teaches us how to incorporate her stained glass pieces in a hip, modern way. 
PS. I love her work. As Lesley mentions below, we used some of her pieces for a photo shoot over the summer and I recently purchased a piece from her for our humble abode. 

Bespoke Glass is a studio-based business in Brooklyn, NY producing custom and ready-made glass tile and stained glass. All of our glass is cut by hand, using simple hand tools and a mix of centuries-old techniques and modern technologies.  Our practice is built around balancing a fundamental basis in craftsmanship and learned skill with innovative design and experimentation.  Our focus is the design and production of unique, customizable and versatile products while keeping them affordable.  

If we have any singular goal, it's to broaden ideas about stained glass and glass tile - it's not only for windows and backsplashes, you guys.  Maybe you can't install a stained glass window in your rental apartment, or install your own tiled backsplash, but what other ways can you insert color and pattern into your space?  If you always wanted an accent wall, but don't want to paint, what are some other ways to make that space a statement?  These are the kinds of problems we're trying to help solve, using materials that are generally not understood to be flexible or easily rearranged.  A major focus of our work is designing pieces with the understanding that our lives and spaces often need to be rearranged, and the things you love should be able to move as you do.  And if you can install your own backsplash?  We can help make it a manageable DIY project that doesn't involve cutting glass or layout on your end.

All that said sometimes studio life, managing new ideas and refining older ones, can lead to a somewhat narrow focus.  So it was such a great thing to be contacted by Trish, asking to use some of our work in a wedding concept photo shoot.  Having the opportunity to look away from interior design and think about a completely new use for our glass made for an excellent round of new ideas about context, gift-giving, and the way objects from an event can become part of someone's life, like a wedding ring.  For example, the piece we designed for the Karma + Trunk photo shoot was incorporated into the dais decorations - how amazing would it be to be able to not only keep part of your wedding decor, but to be able to hang it in your home?  Or for the bride and groom to be able to give parts of the decor as gifts to the wedding party?  This has given us a lot to think about, and we thank Trish for starting the conversation.

More information about our lines of stained glass and glass tile can be found on our website:

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