Pennies for Penny...'Tis the Season For Opening Your Heart

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The advent of social media has surely made this world a small one, and the events industry even smaller. Through a few social media networks I was introduced to the story of Jill Thomas and her family. Jill is an extremely talented and renowned photographer from the west coast. Her and her family experienced the tragic loss of her toddler-aged daughter, Penny, just over a year ago. What Jill has done to not mask the grief and heartache but to prevail through it, is a testament to a courageous human spirit. Simply observing some of her raw emotions through Instagram pictures of Penny and her family as they heal, can bring you to your knees. But at the same time, the Thomas family is one of hope and joy and love. They have become to me, what I know they are to so many, strangers who remind me how fragile and fleeting life can be and how important it is to cherish our children's laughter. And they have made it their duty to use Penny's spirit to assist others. From now until December 20th their online store, Pennies for Penny, is selling beautiful handmade goods to benefit other families during their times in need. If you are looking for the simplest way to give back, purchasing an item or a few, and spreading the word about this amazing cause, is a good place to start.

To read more about Jill, Penny and the Pennies for Penny cause visit
To see Jill's amazing work, visit her website

Thank you Thomas family, for the daily dose of reminding of what is truly important.

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