Weekend Wrap-up... A Kinfolk Event with Hello Home Shoppe

Monday, January 6, 2014

We over here at Karma & Trunk have put together a bit of a blog schedule. Yes, we know we have said it before, but we are going to do our darndest to stick to it. On Mondays, we plan to tell you a bit about our weekend. A bit of a wrap-up as you may. On Monday's after event weekends we will share a sneak peek of those events and the prep work behind them. But, on non-event weekends we will share a bit of our personal lives and how we like to spend our days off. It will be a little travel, a little crafting, a little book reading and we hope you will find a tip, a trick, a new destination from our adventures.

This weekend was FULL of consultations. SIX to be exact. And while we are so super psyched about all of our new clients and the venues they have chosen and invited us to decorate and style for them {The Loft at Jack's Barn, The Holly Hedge Estate, The Olde Mill Inn, The Red Mill Museum, and The Oakside Mansion} we aren't quite ready to tell their stories yet. So instead, we will reflect on a past weekend and introduce you to Kinfolk - a magazine, an event, and a lifestyle.

Back in November, I had the pleasure of attending a Kinfolk event in the West Elm, Philadelphia. The event was hosted by Emily and Erick of Hello Home Shoppe which has quickly become one of my favorite blogs! I was joined by a dear friend, Lauren, and we spent the morning learning how to infuse herbs into oil, bath salts, tea, and finishing sugar. See more about the day on their blog. All of the pictures on their blog and the ones below were captured by Brandon Wickencamp. And yes, that is me with the funny face below.

It was a lovely experience to sit with a friend and catch up while creating. All of the recipes were super easy and ones we will use and take with us to make treasures and gifts for ourselves and our friends. A wonderful afternoon spent with likeminded people, getting our hands dirty.

Kristyn and I previously attended a canning event that Kinfolk hosted in Brooklyn and I will be sure to share some of the details from that event soon.

Kinfolk generally has a theme each month with events pertaining to that theme, in cities around the globe. Visit their website and if you are looking to learn a new skill, craft, potential project, a Kinfolk event might be just the place to start.

Ps. Subscribing to the magazine is not a bad idea either, although we usually wait until they go on sale at Anthropologie before picking them up. There is a digital subscription option on their site for a reduced price as well.

*Karma Flowers, Trunk Rentals and the author are in no way affiliated with Kinfolk. We are simply spreading the word about a movement we can get behind. 

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