I Like Big Bouts and I Can Not Lie. A Quick Guide to Different Boutonniere Options

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bouty! Bouty! Bouty! When I was titling this blog post I had a million options because we, at Karma Flowers, spend our creation days {days dedicated to the pieces that are made for our weddings and events} coming up with ridiculous "bout" references. It's flower humor I guess. 

In any case, Julie and Dave are our resident boutonniere makers and they do a boutiful job {trust me, they are endless.}

We wanted to give the fellas a quick guide to some boutonniere looks since we find that most men do not give it a thought before our first consultation. Karma Flowers customizes the ribbon and presentation to suit the wedding day and the couple but here are a few bout interpretations of different wedding aesthetics {all the work of the Karma Flowers team}...

The Classic

Spray rose {sturdy stem that works well in bouts, especially because of its size}, dusty miller and a little touch of amaranth for a little flair to a classic design. Photo: Gulnara Studios

The Bold

A Lady Slipper can be so unexpected as a boutonniere. Selecting a large flower from the bride's bouquet and have that, alone, adorn the lapel. Photo: Jessica Schmitt Photography

The Everlasting

The simple succulent. A timeless favorite. We added a little waxflower and lavender to this one but the possibilities are endless. Photo: Sharyn Frenkel Photography

 The Artsy

Nigella Love in a Mist {yup, that's the name of the white bloom} and some greens finished with a floral ribbon. This man is taking this to a whole new artistic level. Photo: Mikkel Paige Photography

The Throw-Back

We couldn't of a better hipster bout than an old school bundle of baby's breath. Perfection. Photo: Jessica Lavoie Photography

The Rustic

We have never seen a barn wedding we didn't like and barn weddings call for rustic bouts. Black peppers, dusty miller, lavender, and dahlia buds wrapped in twine. Photo: Kay English Photography

The Storyteller 

Sometimes there are no flowers at all. This avid fisherman told the story of his fishing trips with family and friends through his choice of boutonnieres. Photo: Matthew Douglas Photography

Now how a bout that for some crazy cool boutonnieres?

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