humble beginnings

Friday, May 27, 2011

yes that is our bathtub. or was our bathtub i should say -we have since moved. but that is exactly where Karma Flowers was born, right there in that 500 sq. foot apartment in a busy nyc suburb. the first shipment of flowers came in and after failing to think through where we were going to store hundreds of beautiful flowers in a third story walk-up with no air conditioning, the bathtub was our only option. and it served its purpose.

Karma Flowers was created by my husband and i for two reasons.

the first reason was selfish - after moving to a newly genetrified section of jersey city, we soon realized that the area lacked a place to purchase trendy, inexpensive flowers that you wouldn't mind spending the money on to adorn your nightstand. let's face it, in tough economical times, no one has an extra buck to spend on flowers that they will need to replace the next week. but, it is in these tougher times that something like a bouquet of beautiful, fresh flowers can brighten an otherwise-not-so bright day. so the challenge for us was to provide lush bouquets at a price you could afford. we researched, figured it out, sold the idea to the neighborhood corner store and our company was born.

the second reason was selfless. we wanted a means to give back. there are so many worthy charities and organizations out there that need help and living on two government salaries, there just wasn't enough to go around. so we pledged that we would set aside a portion of the proceeds of every contract we entered into and donate that percentage of profits to a deserving charity. we will even defer to the host of the event to pick the charity if they would like.

now we live even further out in the suburbs -the real suburbs -on a hill overlooking a dairy farm with our son and dog (for which the company is named). life has changed and so has the company. now our focus is mainly on events. big and small. all budget sizes welcome. we love when a client allows us the freedom to create but we don't turn our nose to tradition either. we have had some amazing opporunitites and can't wait to see what the future holds for the business. oh and now we have a freezer so no more flowers in the bathub. promise.

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