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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Karma Flowers recently had the pleasure of designing these centerpieces for an event and with carte blanch on the design, we did what we do best. . .simple and sophisticated with a tad of rustic, tinge of country, and a whole lot of organic. the white porcelain pitchers were right out of your grandmas curio; unearthed heirlooms. we filled -rather stuffed- them with cabbage rosettes, creme and lavender roses, hanging amaranthus, carnations (yes carnations!), green trick dianthus, poppy pods, and purple, long-stem artichokes. we think, together, it evokes a sense of comfort - just like your grandma would.

next time you are arranging your own bouquet don't reach for the clear glass vase you have recycled from the roses your ex sent you to win you back. instead, look for a container in your home that is cherished and well, unexpected. a basket, a piece of china, your favorite coffee will change the feel of the arrangement, the room and probably even your mood.

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