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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You had a wedding. It was beautiful, everything you dreamed it would be. The invitations, the flowers, the event decor. . .perfect. But like all good things that wedding came to an end and those trinkets you saved from your big day are collecting dust in a keepsake box at the back of your closet. That's no fun! You spent so much time and money planning and designing your wedding, you should be able to show off your memorabilia like a proud professional football fan displays his signed game ball. Ok, maybe not EXACTLY like that.

I am not a fan of being literal in design- not with clothing, party planning, and certainly not in the home. Sure you could take your left-over invitations and frame them in a shadow box, but...well, boring and predictable!!! Instead, take some of your favorite wedding elements and use them to add personal touches to your decor, and holiday decor is the perfect fit. Something you only bring out once a year is something you will not get bored of and is bound to strike up conversation every year that leads you down memory lane.  I have a few creative ideas for you...

Did you use Billy Balls at your wedding? Perhaps other flowers that are easily preserved? Add them to a wreath, or your table decor. Holiday decorations do not always need to be in traditional colors and bright pops of color can add a freshness to tired decor elements. In fact, as with the wreath above, you can even use the burlap runner or cloth photo back-drop you salvaged from your big day to create a fun holiday ornament.

Many couples use lanterns, candles and books as part of their wedding decor, and often these items are purchased from the vendors that provide them on that day. They can easily be used to spruce up your holiday table. And again, it's likely that when Aunt Sally bellies up to your holiday dinner, she may provide your guests with a long forgotten wedding story and well, that's just fun!

And quite possibly my favorite...

Remember those extra invitations I was talking about- Cut them into strips and place them in clear glass or plastic ornaments. It's sleek, modern, and memorable (and so much more fashionable then a simply putting them behind a pane of glass or on your refrigerator (where mine currently is)). You can do this every year with important invitations and annoucements and begin a collection.
We have a ton of other ideas so please reach out to us if you have something you would like to incorporate into your hoilday decor but are just creatively stuck. And we would love to hear your own creative ideas! In fact, leave them in the comments below and we will blog about our favorite one!
Visit us again later this week and I will give you a fab holiday idea for those extra wedding favor bags you have laying around. yay!

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