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Saturday, December 10, 2011

I have to give credit where credit is due...
I first saw the mason jar snow globes in Anthropologie and fell in love. Since then they have been popping up here and there, but with hefty price tags! So Karma Flowers set out to make our own...

First things first, the perfect jar. We chose two different size wide-mouth mason jars that are always available in grocery and craft stores and are totally affordable (typically less than a dollar each). 

We purchased synthetic snow from Lowes, for $1.97 a bag.  You can also use confetti made from scraps of paper, glitter (Anthropologie's are made with glitter), or even sugar. We made six globes total and still had most of the bag of snow, so you can share a bag with other projects.

We also chose to use the evergreen trees to decorate our snow globes and we purchased them at Lowes as well (about $12 for 21 pieces which is a great deal - and we have seen them at Michaels and Home Depot too). However, this is where you can get really creative! You can include any non-perishable item -think ornaments, deer, branches...the possibilities are endless. All you need to be mindful of when selecting your decorations is the size. The flat part of the mason jar lid is your total surface area, so be sure all of your treasures fit on it with enough room for the jar to slide over.

Once you have your elements, the construction is easy. Simply take a glob of glue or glue dot (we used our trusty glue dots for this project) and secure your trees to the inside of the mason jar lid.

Fill the glass jar with your snow concoction (a little bit really goes a long way!). Fasten on the lid and flip the mason jar over. Shake it up so the snow falls where you would like it and have a mason jar snow globe. Wasn't that simple and fun?

Here are our final globes....


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