Doing it Differently. Non-Traditional Wedding and Event Planning in New Jersey by Karma Flowers Part 1

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Time and time again we get couples that come to us for their floral and event decor needs and say
"We want different, so we came to you."
Call us different. Call us quirky. Call us non-traditional - we love it. {and hey, we are just happy that you are calling us}

To know us personally is to know that we design the same way we live our lives. A little high end, mixed with a lot of budget bargains. A little city (where we work) and a lot of country (where we live). A little refinement and a whole lotta homemade. . .but all in all, definitely different.

So we thought we would share with you some of our favorite wedding and event details that can make your big day a little less like everyone else's.  We intend on delivering these ideas in three parts throughout the week {venue, entertainment, attire, seating charts, favors, photography, videography and flowers and event decor}

Last year we designed a wedding ceremony in a bookstore in Brooklyn {a store that was open to the public 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the ceremony.} We also did one at an inn and on a farm. All of which had their own quirkiness and personal anecdotes that made them anything but a traditional wedding.

This year, the docket is similar. The venues include a lake house, a farm, two apple orchards, a barn, and a vineyard. We couldn't be more thrilled. People are stepping outside the typical wedding venues and saying their vows in more intimate, personal spaces. And too think, not one of those weddings is more than a half hour outside of the Garden State. Be still my ♥.

Here are a few suggestions for thinking outside the traditional wedding venue {none of which we are currently working with, we don't intend to give away our bride's secrets just yet}...

The Barn
The Raritan Inn, Califon, NJ

{what do I have to say? with a real barn, the possibilities are endless. you have use of the inside and outside which can be hard to find at a more traditional wedding space}
The Museum

{imagine changing out some of the art with pics of you, your fiance and the fam! if you are an artist or just an art lover, think of a museum or library for your big celebration}

Your  Own Backyard
{Look how spectacular you can make an at-home wedding}
{the homemade touches in this wedding tie in perfectly with the fact that it takes place at their home. even the most barren backyard, when done correctly, can feel like an oasis}

Choose a place that means something to you and your fiance, someplace that says something about you as a couple, as individuals and that will set the tone of the evening for your guests. You will be amazed at how quickly your creative juices will start flowing when you are INSPIRED by where you will be married.


Now I am not talking about the music. That is a whole other ballgame. What I am talking about are the extra elements you add to your big day to keep guests entertained. No garter toss necessary here! (whew)

The Photo Booth
SoCo Foto
{yes this is a vintage airstream converted into a photo booth. and yes this just intensifies my obsession with all vintage air streams. i swoon. someone please bring this to the east coast}

Yard Games

{yes, you can do corn hole. and what a fun game it is. but mix it up with something super original and one that your friends haven't already mastered!}

Involve Your Guests
{engage your guests in the decorating. this is a great seating chart idea where guests are asked to bring their escort arrangement to their table to help decorate it! it gives your guests a sense of involvement and the creativity will begin}

Yay for different! Look how refreshing it can be. Do not underestimate how even ONE of these original, personal touches will stick with your guests long after you are back from your honeymoon. And it makes the whole day -and all of those dollars- really worth it.

Tomorrow we'll share attire, seating chart, and favor ideas. See you then.


  1. Last year, we had celebrated our wedding in beautiful Wedding venues. After watching your wedding pictures I got emotional as they were reminiscent of my wedding celebrations. Thanks for refreshing my all the beautiful moments!!



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