Doing it Differently. Non-Traditional Wedding and Event Planning in New Jersey by Karma Flowers Part 2

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hello. Thanks for joining us again.

As promised we are going to offer some ideas for incorporating unique touches into your attire, escort cards (seating charts) and favors. Of all of the aspects of a wedding, these three areas have the most room for personal flair so let's ditch the expected and wow your guests with your originality.

Recently a colleague posted in an industry forum her frustration with what appears to be a dominant  strapless wedding dress trend. Is the strapless trend popular? Of course. Is it always appropriate and flattering? Definitely not. So, I thought it was worth mentioning that there are a TON of sleeved wedding dress just have to look (and dare to be different). Claire Pettibone and Jenny Packham  {personally, my two favorite bridal designers } offer plenty of designs that incorporate sleeves in varying lengths. Check out some of my faves {all Claire Pettibone from various collections}...

And for gosh sake's grooms, stand up for yourselves. Let's ditch the penguin suits for the gentleman. Unless you are truly having a black-tie affair (and even then you have options), you CAN divert from the vest and tails. Suits are a clean, refreshing way to show your man's style and in navy, gray, and even seersucker in the summer, they are super hot. May we even suggest drawing some influence from It's a Brad, Brad World {yes, I watch it. don't judge...}

So I am sure you think I would have something to say about bridesmaids dresses. Listen, they have made major motion pictures based off how silly of an idea it is to have your best friends dress in matching outfits on your big day. If you still think it's a good idea, I am not going to convince you otherwise. And for good reason. It's a tradition and sometimes traditions prevail. But, I would think about selecting a color or a palette and allowing your girls to chose dresses that flatter their own figure. If you are sold on identical dresses, look for them in unexpected places like Anthropologie. Better yet, let your besties wear what they want and honor them with a matching floral boutique or shawl.

Escort Tables (Seating Charts)
Yay. One of my favorite parts of a reception. Why? It totally sets the tone for the rest of the night. Think about it. You only get one chance to make a first impression and that little card with your guests name and table number communicates to them how the next five hours of their lives -and your wedding- will go. The white folded cardstock with a generic font doesn't scream you. In doesn't even say you. Be creative.

Now I gave you a real doozy in yesterday's post under entertainment. But here are a few more I adore.

The Directory
Fun and Sassy
Open Seating {love!}

The Favors
Long after you've popped the bubbly and got your grove thing on, your guests will retire to their rooms or homes with sore feet, photo booth pics, and a small token of your appreciation. Let's have that token NOT BE a small picture frame or the wine bottle stopper thingy. Instead, give a gift that keeps on giving...

Make a donation.

Who doesn't need a chalkboard horse?

And now for the shameless plug...sorry. had to. we just think it's so cool.

The Seed Buffet

Well friends, that's all for now. See you tomorrow with photography, videography, and FLORAL AND EVENT DECOR!

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