Doing it Differently. Non-Traditional Wedding and Event Planning in New Jersey by Karma Flowers Part 3

Monday, February 6, 2012

So, I am a couple days late. It happens. {forgive me, I was making sure to get the appropriate permissions before publishing others' work.}

But here is the final piece to our three-part-blog-trilogy on designing an innovative, fun and fresh wedding. As promised (I am better at keeping promises than self-imposed deadlines), I will offer some tidbits on photography, videography, and FLORAL AND EVENT DESIGN (but, of course). Here we go...


What does one do with the picture of the bridesmaids and groomsmen all in a row? You know the pic I am talking about. I have actually never seen one displayed in a person's home. Do they just make it into the wedding album? In any case, you are more fun than that picture. . .the staged bridal party shot. . . and so are your friends. Incorporate your style, your interests, and your passions into your engagement and wedding pics. You will thank me later.

There are two photographer's work that I love and adore, and who have mastered the ART of most visibly delicious wedding photographs. One is my NJ gal, the other based out of NY (although I believe both will travel). I will let their work speak for itself, but you must promise to check out their websites and blogs. . .and hire them so we put an end to stuffy wedding photography forever!

Dana McDonald of DHM Photography, Glen Gardener, NJ

Jessica Lavoie of Jessica Lavoie Photography, New York City, NY

And both ladies have graciously shot some of our own work and we are forever grateful for the beauty they have captured in these photographs...

Jessica Lavoie Photography

DHM Photography


I think I am pretty good about admitting when I am wrong {my husband may think differently} but in any case, I can openly admit that I was WRONG about wedding videos. I never had one. To me it was about a videographer with a big light shoving a camera in a drunk guest's face and asking them to say something nice about the newlyweds. Ugh. But. . .then I found the work of some AMAZING videographers who truly take a photojournalistic {i just made that word up} approach to filming the big day... and I became a fan.

That being said, you must come to know this guy...

Damon Dietz of Absolute Media Productions. He will turn your wedding day into a the movie of your dreams. And, he has some pretty quirky ideas for many of the different aspects of a wedding. Looking for a nifty way to ask your bridal party to be in your wedding? Check out this Sex and the City themed video he created to do just that. . .I promise if I was more tech savvy I would have downloaded one of his videos to this post, but instead you will have to mosey on over to his beautiful website to watch not one -but all- of his romantically divine {cheese-free}wedding videos.

Floral and Event Design

That's us! Well I could spend hours telling you about the innovative floral and event design ideas we have stored up for all of our potential clients. I have mentioned before how the decor creates ambiance and the ambiance defines the wedding, so there is no question in my mind how important the small details are. Therefore, I thought it may be helpful to offer some floral and event design tips.

#1 Wedding details must be purposeful to REALLY make your big day stand out. Just because something is all over Style Me Pretty or Pinterest, doesn't mean it is right for you and your wedding aesthetic. The last thing you want is a vintage-style wedding that feels like a themed-wedding because nothing is directly personal or sentimental to you or your groom. Here is how to rectify this. . .If you like the vintage style wedding look for ways to incorporate heirlooms and trinkets into the decor. Have your grandmother's china? Let's finally dust it off and use it. Now matter what style you are going for, there will elements you can include to make the wedding very you.

Belle  The Magazine

#2 Bring the inside outside. There is just something about staging a celebration that is taking place amongst the sights, sounds, and smells of the outdoors but with all of the comforts of the favorite room in your home.

But how do I get a couch and mantle outside you ask? Call us. Karma Flowers is on the verge of announcing our newest, latest, greatest endeavor in event decor {so stay tuned.} We will make it happen for you.

Style Me Pretty
#3 Think beyond the trends. As I was about to type about not wanting to see another bird cage card holder, I realized there is one in the picture I posted above. Great. {My intention was to showcase the dresser.} In any case, there are many that are happening over and over again that they are becoming the puffy-wedding- dress-sleeves and garter toss of this decade. And while ingenuity is often mimicked until it becomes tradition, you still want to be the one that goes out on the limb. The wedding below is full of innovative, creative ideas matched by personal touches, but what I took away was this amazing "Snip and Sip" table where guests could add their own herbs/drink garnishes to their favorite cocktail. Yes please.
Southern Living Weddings

#4 Think outside of traditional FLOWERS. Peonies are gorgeous. So are dahlias and garden roses when in full bloom. Heck, most flowers are. But there are plenty of other fun options out there people. Wildflowers, for one, are stunning when in bloom and if they are in season -can be budget friendly as well. Raw cotton is a lovely option for a more rustic feel and so is baby's breath {shown below} when done by itself.

Karma Flowers
Well folks. That concludes my three part blog-fest. I realized though that I have something to say about wedding planners, invitations, and desserts as well so maybe this isn't the last of me on this topic.
Lucky you. ;)

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