Creative Ways to Honor Military Veterans at Your Wedding

Monday, June 3, 2013

In honor of Memorial Day, we’ve been thinking of a few ways you can honor those veterans that are close to you on your special day.  Maybe it’s your grandfather who fought in World War II or your maid of honor’s husband who is overseas.  There are creative ways to honor those who sacrifice so much for our country.

Use the color yellow.  The color yellow symbolizes respect for the military.  Place a small arrangement of yellow flowers on tables where veterans would have been sitting if they could have attended your wedding.  Think sunflowers or gerbera daisies.  You can even use a piece of twine or burlap to tie a small chalkboard around the arrangement.  Honor your loved one by writing their name on the chalkboard.

Place photos in mason jars.  Photos are timeless.  Place photos of all loved ones who have served in the military in mason jars.  Scatter the mason jars around your centerpieces.  Looking at photos through glass creates a unique effect.

Make an honor table.  If you have many friends or family members who have served or are overseas at the time of your wedding, you can create on honor table.  Set up an antique bench or table at one corner of your venue.  Put photos of your veterans in antique frames and place them on the table in between candles, jars, and flowers.  If you have family and friends overseas at the time of your wedding, you can also place stationary and pens on the table with a small box for guests to write letters to those who could not be at the wedding.  After your wedding, send the letters to your special veterans.  It is a thoughtful way to include those who could not be present.

by Stephanie Agresti
Our rustic blue table makes for a perfect memorial table.

Vintage frames accent antique family photos.

Place family military photos inside blue mason jars.

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