Practical Shoes for Event Industry Peeps by the Karma Team

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Yes floral and event artists need good shears and scissors and just the right flowers to hang with the correct amount of wires and zip ties, but what we really need on install days are GOOD SHOES. Standing on our feet the night before an event prepping and packing and then sometimes all day for installs and breakdowns calls for some comfy, yet supportive shoes. After vases and vessels are filled and placed and there are endless runs to the truck and multiple trips up and down ladders...our dogs are barking!

My pick for practical, yet down-right-cute shoes, are the sneaks from Bucketfeet. My mom purchased my first pair and I was an immediate fan.

Artist's design and create each pair of these rubber-soled gems and they have massage bubble inserts to keep your feet feeling fine throughout the day. Check out their site, it is worth a look!


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