Our Airbnb Retreat to Athens, NY...How a Home Can Inspire

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

This weekend my husband, son and I ventured up to the Catskills for a relaxing weekend. We rented this quaint little house in Athens, NY- a very sleepy town- and it was just what we needed for some real good rest and relaxation. The house itself is decorated to calm and soothe and for us, it also inspired. I have convinced Dave that you can have white walls without the room looking sterile- thanks to the bedrooms in this home- and we were so enamored by the green dresser in the master bedroom, we are bound to paint one of our furniture pieces a similar color. Charlie, our two-year old, was quite bothered by the deer head in the living room at first but he eventually started offering him something to eat.

With no TV we played, read and napped. Just what the doctor ordered.

We had recently been to Hudson, NY, for a nearby wedding so with it only being a few minutes from the home in Athens, we headed there again for an afternoon stroll. The shear number of vintage and antique stores is astounding and while some stuff is super pricey- there are a bunch of great finds to be had. 
We loved this chair, and the styling of the windows at this shop called Finch. 

Other amazing vintage finds...

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