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Friday, November 8, 2013

Disclaimer: This blog post will have nothing to do with flowers, brides, vintage rentals or a party of any sort. Truth be told, this is the time of year when we finally get a second in front of the computer to catch up on the blogging, Instagram-ing, and updating of the website that simply does not get done during wedding season. So, I have been sifting through photographer's galleries, uploading and formatting and linking and publishing for days about some of the events we have done this year {I say that as if I have achieved great success, however there are only two new weddings on the website. sigh.}. In any case, I can certainly spend the next bit of time doing the same for another gorgeous wedding, but I needed a break. And I felt if I needed a break from wedding overload, then you did too. So, I choose to digress.

I believe that love of design engulfs every facet of my life. Most designers of any kind will probably tell you the same. So, I style and re-style my home more so than the average person I would imagine, does {ask my husband how many colors the kitchen walls have been}. And I have a few projects rooms on my agenda for this winter - beginning with the guest room. Now I have been waiting for Mercury to come out of retrograde for a few weeks now to start this project {not sure what the hell that means? Read this.} Often during the time Mercury appears to be moving backward in the sky, it is hard to think straight, get a project started, and well, make decisions. Therein lies my problem.

Paint by Number Gallery?

Please Sir Blog


Portrait Gallery?

Belle Vivir

I know, totally different vibes. But here is what you should know so you can help me make this decision...

  • The walls are currently blue but are probably going white again. {I will have to break it to Dave.}
  • I intend for the gallery to go above the headboard of the bed.
  • The furniture in the room consists of a bed, nightstand, & a dresser that are completely neutral in style.
  • We own the beginnings of both collections {meaning we have a few of both types of art already.}
  • If we go paint by number, they will be all woodsy-type prints. If we go portraits, they will be flea market oil portraits.
  • There are no other gallery walls in the house. I was thinking of doing one with Hugo Guinness Lino Cut Prints, but alas I have not yet hit the lottery. 
Decisions. Decisions. 
So can you help me choose? There is no right or wrong answer but if you were coming to stay with us, what would you rather be lurking over your shoulders as you sleep in our guest room? I will be sure to post before and afters but here is a little more inspiration for you...

Sweet Jessie

Milk and Honey Home

Media Cache

Cote de Texas

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