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Friday, January 31, 2014

Over the holidays, I participated in a mug swap hosted by Bunting and Bones. It really brought me great joy to put together a little package for someone I had never met halfway around the country, and it was super fun to receive a package in the mail put together just for me! We are all so used to electronic communication that to put together a tangible bunch of goodies and include a hand-written note felt refreshing.

Couple that with my love for Valentine's Day {this year more than ever.} I know, I know, it's a cheesy hallmark holiday but I always feel like we celebrate our kids, and our moms, and our dads, and our pets, that it so easy to forget to celebrate the people we love just because. And to me, Valentine's is the excuse to do just that. 

So I decided to host an old crafty Valentine exchange! By submitting your email address, you agree to send a Valentine-themed package to the person I pair you up with! We encourage you to flex your creative muscles and get out the red paper and doilies, but if that is not you- no worries! We are sure you can creatively shop! I ask that you spend $10 before shopping. You can include yummy treats, supplies for a fun DIY, some fun Valentine confetti... the possibilities are endless.

So endless in fact that we have created a Valentine's Exchange Idea Pinterest board for those of you that need a little inspiration. Some of my favorites..

An instant celebration with this DIY.

Help someone create the perfect V-day treat.

Keep the little toes warm.

Now that you want in on this exchange, how do you sign up? Easy! Go to our Instagram account {@karmaandtrunk} and find the post with the vintage cupid picture above. Leave your email address in the comments. That is it! I am closing sign-ups on February 2nd so if you sign up, you will be receiving an email from me by Monday, February 3rd! Be sure to share the post on your Instagram- the more the merrier and hashtag #karmasvdayexchange

Help us spread Valentine's Day love and cheer across the country!!!

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