The Lovesick Expo: A Story Told in Flowers

Friday, January 24, 2014

By: Stephanie Agresti

Just one year after finishing a communications internship at Karma, I never thought I’d be putting on a wedding dress.  Not for my own wedding of course, but for The Lovesick Expo at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn.  When Trish and Kristyn asked me to model as a bride for their vignette, I was so excited.

I spent the afternoon resting on the elegant pink settee, a popular member of our Trunk vintage furniture collection.  The bouquet Trish made for me to hold was full of gorgeous red and pink hues, rich textures, and unique anemones and orchids.  For the first time, I realized what it means to capture a bride’s personality through her flowers. 

Weddings tell the story of two lives becoming one love.  And though everything the Karma team made for the special day wasn’t for my true wedding, I felt a sincere connection to my flowers.

All afternoon, beautiful couples came to our vignette to see everything we are capable of doing.  I felt honored to represent the company that gave me so many opportunities in my career and happiness to so many brides.  And though modeling was a fun and new experience, there were so many times I wanted to jump up from the settee and say “and we can do this too!”

I love being a part of the Karma family, being able to express my creativity through design in a way I never imagined possible as a college student.  Though I’ve had the opportunity to make tons of bouquets for all types of weddings, you really don’t know what it’s like to be a bride until you are one yourself.

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  1. You look so beautiful in the wedding gown and ofcourse the choice of flowers has even added icing to the cake. The decor is eye-catching with all these flowers and decorations.



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