Doing it Differently 2103-Style...Your Guide to New Wedding Ideas, Projects, and Vendors

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Last year around this time we did a series of blog posts called "Doing it Differently" which highlighted ways to stray a bit from tradition when planning and designing a wedding. We featured some of our favorite vendors and ideas for making a wedding personal and unique. The series was a huge hit and we thought we would take some time before the wedding season kicks off, to do it all over again. New ideas, new projects, new vendors over the next three blog posts...don't miss it!

Hello Fellas.

For once, we are starting a wedding conversation with the groom. That's right. Often ignored  yet so, well, integral to most weddings, we thought we would spend some time focusing on him. 

He is Dapper. 

A little tired of the boring black tux? And even a little tired of the bow ties and suspenders? We don't blame you. We are too. We love when the groom is included in the personal touches so when hook +ALBERT called to rent one of our precious vintage trunks for their display at Accessories The Show  in New York City back in February, we instantly became smitten with the company. 

Dress Socks, Loafer Liners, Colored Shoelaces, Lapel Flowers, Elbow Patches & Ties.
Need we say more?

Now I would be a fool to advertise something that would take money out of my own pocket, but lapel pins in place of a traditional boutonniere are something I want to scream about. They are classic and cool and so not itching your guy's nose when he is standing at the alter.

So ladies, I know it is all about you but hook your guy up with some cool duds for the big day. 
And iron-on elbow patches? Okay, maybe not for every wedding but I know if Matt Powers is reading this blog right now he is ordering a pair. 

Make Them All Dapper.

Traditionally we only adorn the lapel of the groom, groomsmen and dads with a snazzy little boutonniere. However when I saw this idea from Southern Weddings Magazine I instantly heard that "why didn't I think of that?" voice in my head. 


Just as they said in the magazine, why not let every guy at your event feel like an honored guest? A mirror, some matching bouts, a few pins and now have a classically elegant affair. LOVE!

His Space.

Bridal suites available at most locations are primarily used by the bride and her ladies. The groom is often left getting dressed and hanging out in his best bud's room. Why not give him a space and a potentially amazing backdrop for pictures with his entourage? A groom's lounge designed from vintage furniture rentals is {uh-hum} one of the best ideas I have heard in a long time.

The Lab Event


The Gift.

Not sure what to give the hubs or the groomsmen for their efforts in making your dream day everything it was? Well, a man's gotta eat. The Mantry is a subscription to domestically made, artisan foods. It is a fun way to try new foods and learn about new companies. Unpacking the crate and preparing some new appetizers makes for a great post-wedding date night. 

So what do you think? Any great ideas for the Groom we may have missed? Please share.

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