New Wedding Trend on the Horizon? Designing with Copper

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My new obsession is copper. Last year we posted about mercury glass replacing the mason jar {as far as vessels go} in the event world. My hope this year is that copper makes a good run against the mercury glass.

Why? For one, we almost always encourage our clients to include a metallic into their design elements. They sort of ground the space with their density, almost always evoke a feeling of nostalgia, and add texture to what could otherwise feel like a very flat palette. Gold, silver, and brass are the obvious metallics but lately I have been drawn to the notion of giving copper a whirl. It is bright and cheerful in a very masculine way to me. It's androgynous and I like it.

This is the picture that originally peaked my copper interest. And I love that it is so accessible today with copper accent pieces popping up on many of the flash sale and design websites. 

Style Me Pretty

In home, fashion, and jewelry design...

Lingerie, Flatware, Dress, Light Fixture, Candle, Copper Hair, Mugs, Chairs, Tape

How does this trend translate to timeless wedding and event decor? I have selected some of my favorite examples...
Tea Kettle, Bath Tub, Wild Flower BouquetTopiary , Rose Bouquet

And if you aren't jumping on my copper band wagon just yet, check out this adorable copper DIY project from Poppytalk. It's a great way to get your copper toes wet, so to speak.

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