The Last Five Things I Bought from Pinterest...Day Three

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The first thing I want to reiterate is that Pinterest is just the means to tag these items. They all come from their individual shop/company owners. I know sometimes I have a hesitation with blindly ordering an item knowing seemingly so little about a company and not being able to hold the product in my hands before taking the plunge, so hopefully these posts will encourage you to trust the crafty people of the world or at the very least buy the stuff I already bought because I was your test dummy.

Two for you today...

The Kiddo


When we decided to go to Paris last winter I was Pinning Paris all over the place. Pictures of Paris, French sayings, berets, you name it. And then I saw this wood block children's set and I had to have it. I could not order it online at the time but I do get into NYC often and was able to get to one of the Muji stores to purchase it. We brought it to Paris with us and tried to remember to make the connection between the sights and the blocks so that Charlie would make the correlation when we arrived home. And he does! He still plays with the blocks when he plays with his trucks and yells Eiffel Tower every time he takes it out of the bag. 

Colette Bream

A tail or two for you... I loved these immediately when I saw them. I think I am instantly drawn to anything that looks handmade and is done well {and that is the Colette Bream shop in a nutshell}. And I  pictured my son and niece and nephew running around the house in a little animal parade. I  ordered two tails and a felt crown {for our little princess} last Christmas and was delighted when they arrived in time for the holiday. They are a little larger than I anticipated {so probably are best for a child 3 years or older} but are fun nonetheless. They make great whimsical gifts and retail for $42 plus shipping. 


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