The Last Five Things I Bought from Pinterest...Day Four

Friday, July 19, 2013

The first thing I want to reiterate is that Pinterest is just the means to tag these items. They all come from their individual shop/company owners. I know sometimes I have a hesitation with blindly ordering an item knowing seemingly so little about a company and not being able to hold the product in my hands before taking the plunge, so hopefully these posts will encourage you to trust the crafty people of the world or at the very least buy the stuff I already bought because I was your test dummy.

The LNPDD {The Little Navy Polka Dot Dress}

ASOS has been a site that I have been a bit up in the air about. Enough of my clothing Pins have led me back to the site for me to consider buying an item. However the prices always being so low, and the vast amount of variety in their inventory was a bit unsettling. But when I saw this polka dot dress and the price I thought- now or never. 


I took the plunge and ordered it in the navy color and it is cute. I think I could have gone down one size {and I ordered my normal size} but other than that, it showed up at my door {which is more than I expected} and it's cute! My two cents is to continue to be weary of massive clothing sites like ASOS. It is perfect for the trendier pieces you don't want to break the bank on but splurge with other retailers for your staple pieces.

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